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VPCCW Series laptop AC power,replacement for original sony VPCCW Series laptop AC adapter

replacement for Sony Vaio VPCCW Series laptop AC adapter is New and light-weighted with high performance,replacement for original sony VPCCW Series laptop AC adapter: . All of our replacement VPCCW Series AC adapters are high quality, 100% compatible for Sony VPCCW Series

    Input Voltage:100V-240V;Output Voltage:19.5V 3.3A;

    Tip Size:6.5mm x 4.4mm;Power:65W

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Sony Vaio VPCCW Series //replacement keyboard for your laptop;replacement AC adapter for your laptop

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This VPCCW Series laptop AC adapter is tested throughout the manufacturing process to match original VPCCW Series computer adapter specifications for form and workmanship. The universal 100/240 power input means you can use the VPCCW Series laptop travel adapter around the world with an appropriate plug adapter for whatever region you are traveling to. A slim profile design makes it great and easy to carry.

VPCCW Series Laptop Power AC Adapter Charger Tips

  1. Please make sure the DC OUTPUT of your AC adapter is within 16v-20v. You can find the dc voltage on back of your laptop or the original sony laptop ac adapter that comes with your device.
  2. Avoid leaving a battery in a laptop while using the VPCCW Series laptop adapter for long periods of time.
  3. Make sure polarity on the new adapter's plug must be the same as on the original OEM one.
  4. Your VPCCW Series laptop power supply may not power your laptop due to a loose connector. Make sure all connectors are inserted correctly.
  5. Keep water away from the adapter. Keep the Sony VPCCW Series laptop adapters cool. Avoid exposing an AC adapter to prolonged periods of extreme heat or cold.


Sony Vaio VPCCW Series


This VPCCW Series AC Laptop Adapter is Compatible with:

  • Vaio VPCEB Series
  • Vaio VPCCW Series

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